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"I have heard many positive comments from adults and students, and some oh, my I didnt know that, etc. from students. I think the part of your presentation about Facebook in particular got many to run to their computers. More than all the specifics, your presentation was so clear and detailed, and it was paced really well. I dont know how you were still talking at 9pm that evening!"

-Dean of HS Students, NY

"I wish you could speak to every Parent I know about this issue - So many Adults just don't get it and are afraid to take a stand and learn how to protect their kids...GREAT GREAT JOB"

-Parent, New Rochelle, NY

"After my daughter viewed your presentation, she told me people were so freaked out that they were walking out of the auditorium and deleting their facebook/myspace pages, turning them to private and deleting strangers! GREAT JOB!!"

-Parent, Briarcliff Manor, NY

"Mr. Grimes was an engaging speaker and students were really listening to his message. The parent meeting was also wonderful-a real eye opener for many"

-M.S. Principal, Westchester County, NY

"The school should have you speak EVERY year to both Students and Parents. Very important information. Mr. Grimes was a very provocative and captivating speaker, his knowledge and expertise in this area were apparent"

-Parent, Pleasantville, NY

"Very, very, informative, unbelieveable in fact!"

-Parent, Putnam County, NY

"I have to say I'm shocked and will go home to check Myspace and Facebook tonight"

-Parent, Brewster, NY

"Very informative and necessary"

-Guidence Counselor, Danbury, CT

"Great presentation-- a real eye opener"

-Parent, H.H. Wells Middle School Brewster, NY

"Thank you for the detailed information on how to access the (social networking) sites, search and browse ect., I'm not very knowledgeable with the computer, this has been great!"

-Parent, Putnam County, NY

"Great presentation, knowledgeable speaker, very interesting"

-Parent, Westlake H.S., NY

"Excellent presentation"

-H.S. Principal, Westchester County, NY

"Please give this presentation to our High School and Middle Schools students, to make them aware"

-Parent- Hawthorne, NY

"Very interesting, I like your parenting techniques"

-Parent- Pleasantville, NY

"Do our students need this, YES, YES, YES,...... they don't seem to understand the dangers of having their pictures and information out there"

-Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

"This was a wonderful presentation. Tom Grimes accommodated our needs and went the extra mile with the same passion as he began. I am a teacher as well, but as a parent in the Somers School district, I really feel there is a need for a STUDENT presentation in our Middle School and High School"

-Parent/Teacher, Somers NY

"This presentation was right on target, it certainly hits home"

-Parent, Bronx, NY

"This MUST be taught to ALL grades!"

-Parent, New York City, NY

"The presentation was quite powerful and increased the parents knowledge about their childrens Internet usage"

-School Psychologist, New York City, NY

"...I want to stick my head in the sand, but know that I have to do exactly the opposite!"

-Parent, Cross River, NY

"Very informative & enlightening, good combination of facts, case studies & suggestions on prevention."

-Parent, Westchester, NY

"Extrodinarily sobering and required for any parent or concerned adult. Thank you!"

-Parent, John Jay MS, NY

"Detective Grimes gave an outstanding presentation, he was clear and realistic. His information though sobering was good food for thought. I felt like I wanted to go home and speak to my children in an honest and caring way. Thank you."

-Parent, Port Jefferson, NY

"Parent input and questions added a lot. Tom's pace and passion kept our interest. Much needed and scary information presented"

-Parent, Danbury, CT

"The students were very focused and interested by this professional and powerful presentation"

-H.S. Teacher, Westchester County, NY

"ALL students should hear this every year! It was very engaging and perfect for the age level he was speaking to"

-H.S. Teacher, New York

"Thank you for an informative and essential presentation"

-H.S. Assistant Principal, New York

"Excellent Presentation-Fabulous Speaker- Interesting to listen to the entire hour. He had an excellent speaking ability, which commanded our attention"

-Parent/Teacher, Pawling, NY

"I sat there thinking, I can't wait to go online and change my settings, it really changed how I view online technology usage"

-Parent/Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

"The material & topic was very informative and Tom was very good at presenting it and keeping the audience engaged!"

-Parent, Somers, NY

"This was a frank and honest eye opening presentation. It should be mandatory for all schools"

-Parent, Westchester County, NY

"An Awesome presentation, amazing and so informative, the presenter was very charasmatic and easy to understand"

-Parent, Somers, NY

"I am a foster parent of a student in New Jersey; I attended your workshop last month, and have to tell you how invaluable it was to me in convincing him of the need for caution in the use of his cellphone and his online computer games. We try to protect him from the dangers that exist, and your workshop was full of cautionary tales and advice and after hearing some of the stories I came back with from your talk, my son is now in sync with my husband and me in keeping safe."

-Parent, Tenafly, NJ

No Frame



"I went home, went on Facebook and made everything private, I'm very careful now, I understand what my Parents have been telling me! Thanks."

-MS Student, Somers, NY

"It was very effective and made me re-think how my facebook profile was laid-out and the second I got home, I changed all my settings to friends only and I carefully looked through my friends list and deleted/removed anyone I was not completely sure I knew. The assembly scared me and that made me act faster."

-MS Student, Somers, NY

The presentation was very informative, our school has had other presentations on this topic but they were not as upfront with the facts as this one."

-MS Student, Westchester County, NY

"I felt that all of the stories were amazing & were told in an easy to understand fashion."

-8th Grade Student, NY

"This presentation brought up points about the Internet that I had not taken into consideration"

-H.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

"It made me very cautious of what I will do on the Internet from now on"

-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NJ

"I thought the presentation was excellent. It made me see a different view of FACEBOOK and online groups......The speaker was extremely knowledgable about this topic"

-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

"It was more entertaining than other awareness assemblies we've had. It went on at a good fast pace which kept my attention, thanks!!

-H.S. Student, Westchester Cnty, NY

"It was a very informative presentation that gave good insight to what really goes on online"

-H.S. Student, NY

"This presentation explained it all, it was a good and impacting assembly"

-H.S. Student, NY

"I like the way the man related events that have happened to kids our age"

-M.S. Student, Westchester Cnty, NY

"I thought it was much better than other presentations we've had at our school.....start at younger ages, like middle school"

-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

"I would recommend that students and parents attend the presentation together, to open avenues of discussion about the Internet"

-H.S. Student, Westchester, Cnty, NY

"This was a great presentation, I learned more about internet awareness, I changed my MYSPACE and FACEBOOK profiles as soon as I got home"

-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

"I liked how he didn't say we shouldn't use the Internet, it felt like he actually trusted us with the Internet"

-H.S. Student, NY

"It was a wonderfull presentation. It was very straightforward and right to the point, well done. Way to show how anyone can access a profile"

-H.S. Student, Teton County, Idaho

"After the presentation I heard a lot of students talking about fixing their information on myspace because they had way to much information about themselves"

-H.S. Student, Teton County, Idaho

"It was very educational and I'm glad I saw the presentation.

-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

"The presentation really got kids thinking"

-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

"I thought it was very interesting and I didn't know this stuff before"

-M.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

"The presentation really opened my eyes to what was out there. I liked the examples of real situations. Before, I had no idea what existed on the other side of the Internet"

-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

"I loved this presentation so much that I thought that there was no area that could be improved on. I thought that it was very effective that he used real life situations instead of made up ones..... it was a very good presentation"

-M.S Student, Braircliff Manor, N.Y.

"I really liked how he used examples from our school to show us how easy someone can access our information. I went straight home and placed my myspace on private"

-H.S. Student, Driggs I.D.

"It really shows that things like that can happen to you. It made me more aware!"

-H.S. Student, New York

"This was the best assembly we've ever had"

-H.S Student, Danbury, CT

"It was great, he was VERY informative and I am VERY aware about the Internet! Thanks"

-H.S. Student, Briarcliff, NY

"Excellent presentation, it was amazing, the guy was funny and informative"

-H.S. Student, NY

"This Presentation was very informative and on the students level"

-H.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

"Excellent presentation, I know a lot of people who, very carefully, bait predators for fun and lead them on"

-H.S.Student, NY

"I thought the presentation showed a great amount of examples of why you should want to be safe on the Internet. Also he gave a lot of tips on how to be aware and to only communicate with friends you can identify and personally know"

-M.S. Student, Pawling, NY

"I actually liked it. I thought it was going to be stupid and the same things I've heard a million times, but I really enjoyed it and I'm going to change my facebook...I THINK IT REALLY OPENED UP A LOT OF KIDS EYES"

-M.S. Student, Dutchess County, NY

"You are a very good speaker and really got the attention of me and my friends. I would recommend this to other people and will spread the words you have said- Thanks for making us aware!"

-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NJ

"He did an amazing job. I am disturbed, but in a good way, it was really impactful"

-H.S. Student, NY

"I thought the presentation was very interesting and made me think more about Internet Safety, It was excellent and I would recommend it to other schools and kids"

-H.S. Student, St Peters Prep, Jersey City, NY

"I can't think of any way to improve it, this was the best Internet assembly I've ever seen"

-H.S. Student, NJ

"It was excellent, a very good idea about checking over the contact/friends list, I'm now going to delete the few people I have that I don't really know"

-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NY

"This was a perfect presentation, don't change it, it was very informative with detailed and helpful information- thanks for opening my eyes"

-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NY

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