No Frame

This Presentation is geared toward High School and Middle School Students who frequent

Social Networking sites such as chat rooms, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Tom Grimes provides the audience with a clear "streetwise" understanding of the threats or potential threats encountered on the internet.

Such threats may include:






Dangerous repercussions of posting personal information and photos, as well as incriminating

pictures or statements on the internet are discussed in length.

Internet Awareness

for Students

This Presentation is geared toward the parents or guardians of young people who utilize

social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Tom provides the audience with an explicit understanding of what children and teens are commonly doing daily on the internet, which many parents may not be fully aware of. Innocent behaviors such as "status updates" and photo posting are discussed. Tom explains

How To:Find your child on myspace and facebookFind your child's friends on the sitesNavigate myspace and facebookUnderstand potential life threatening scenarios: If you think you're child is safe, think again.Understand "Social Networking": Innocent behaviors that predators utilize to plan the perfect ambush.Talk to your child about the internet and the dangers associated.Ask questions about MySpace and FacebookOffer alternatives to blocking social networking sitesConsistent follow up

Internet Awareness

for Parents

Realtor Safety

This Presentation is geared toward Real Estate Professional's personal safety and awareness.

Tom provides the audience with real life scenarios and examples of how real estate industry professionals can protect themselves in their marketing (online and offline) and in the way they interract with clients. Safety precautions are advised for open houses and home and property showings.

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